Before President Obama’s 2008 win, it was almost unheard of for someone to run for president with a mere two years in the Senate. In 2012, Scott Brown will have just as much experience to be commander-in-chief as Sen. Obama had when he ran for national office. So in that sense, President Obama cleared the trail for other neophyte politicians to run legitimate presidential campaigns.”

Bonnie Erbe US News & World Report

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“Scott, I am very proud of what you have accomplished.  I have been a Massachusetts resident (Wayland) for 33 years (still have a house in Mass). .. Please keep me on your list, because I want to contribute to your political aspirations.” – Steve M. (Retired Commander, USNR), Vero Beach, FL

“I was 18 when I started volunteering for Scott, it was fantastic that I got to get so many other young voters to vote for him.” – Benjamin M., New Bedford, MA


“California Republicans are very excited about your win on the East Coast and can’t wait to bring some of that great enthusiasm and win some Democrat seats here in our state.  We are looking forward to bringing home some upsets here, you have inspired many of us to keep trying harder!  Thank you! “– Amber J., Grover Beach, CA

“I told my husband when he was running for Senator that Scott Brown would be president someday.” – Helene M., Franklin, MA


“A breath of fresh air from a very stale state. I lived there for 50 years. Good luck in Washington , please retain your independence. That is what got you elected.” – Jim L., West Palm Beach, FL

“This conservative woman believes that “pro choice” adheres to constitutional freedoms.” – Aurora S., Olympia WA


“Bring on 2012.” – Kathy P. , Walpole, MA

“We were New Hampshire vote callers during the campaign even though we live up across the border– Christopher V., Keene, NH


“Received the 2 shirts I ordered and I will wear them proudly, I need a sticker for my ‘cah’ thanks and keep fighting the good fight” – Thomas B. , Lisbon Falls, ME


“He has what is takes. Let’s hope it continues.” Joe P. Lauderdale by the Sea, FL



“…I’m thrilled to put these bumper stickers on our cars.” Kate S., Hingham, MA


“To cast a vote with a smile on my face and know that my vote finally would count was one of the greatest moments in my life.  Scott has changed the political face without even casting a vote.  I loved making the phone calls and standing on street corners knowing I was making a difference.  Go, Scott, Go.” Beverly L., Randolph, MA


“Like Scott says, ‘it’s the people’s seat'” – Galen A. , Salisbury, MD

“Oh WOW. would Brown make a great president? yes,yes,   He is so caring for the everyday people in life.” – Morgan G., Salisbury, MD


“I want to be one of the first to have the next president bumper sticker on my car. I’m sending in a 10 dollar donation to hopefully put a few of these on other cars. This is the man to dethrone Obama! GO SCOTT BROWN”  – Jason C.,  Framingham, MA

“Brown 2012”Ryan S. , Elkton, MD


“I like the idea…He surely showed honesty and bravery when seeking the Kennedy seat. Kelley H., Albuquerque, NM


“Both my fiance and I will proudly put these [ScottBrownForPresident.com bumper stickers] on our cars. 🙂” – Maggy D. , Salisbury, MD

“Hi!!! I have 10 votes in the recovery room at SJH in Bangor Maine!!!  10 nurses who will take our picture for YOU!”Mary D., Bangor, ME

“Contributed to his campaign for Senate  –  all the way from California!”Terry K., Sonoma, CA


“Thank you for your ‘Peoples seat’ comment!”Gary B., Salisbury, MD

“LOVE THIS!”Margo D., Salisbury, MD

“We really like Scott Brown” Glen C. , Ocean City, MD


“The populous momentum and support for Scott Brown is liberating. He was elected by the most liberal of states, not hand-picked by the party. Scott Brown is the Tea Party candidate for president.” Tom B. , Boston, MA

“Let me be the first to Campaign for Scott Brown for President!”Joseph D., Bronx, NY

“I love Scott Brown!”Janice S. , Salisbury, MD


“Finally!!  The right guy!” Chris G. , Anaheim, CA

“Voted January 19, 2010 and look forward to 2012” Barbara W. , N. Reading, MA

“Congratulations Scott” Stanley F. , Pembroke, ME


“Thanks, they [ScottBrownForPresident.com bumper stickers] will get around Maryland” Ray S. , Forest Hill, MD

“We are so happy to have Scott represent our state.    He seems to be a no nonsense,  honest,  hard working man, comfortable enough to sit down and have a discussion over coffee with.   We know you will one day be in the White House.      Go  Scott   Go!!”Joanne T. , Wallpole, MA


“GO.   Scott.  Go! Donna H. , Billerica, MA

“If Obama can do it, Scott Brown can definitely do it.”Angelo D., Everett, MA


“Love your site.  Keep up the good work. Our family is behind Scott Brown all the way.”Nina C. , Warner Robins, GA

“THANKS  41” Michelle H. , E. Falmouth, MA


11 Responses

  1. If you’re serious about getting Brown elected do you think we should start taking donations now?
    Have you considered a social networking site?
    NING.COM is great for that.
    If you’d like to start a forum-Huck’s Army did a super job for Gov Huckabee using this format-i recommend the FREE phbb forums here and they are easily customizable.
    Here’s an example of one i have done.

  2. Go Scott brown!!!!! Help America get back to where she should be, and help us be a proud nation once again–am spreading the word——Praying for you!!!!!

  3. I own the following domain names:

  4. I have several pictures here in Arizona with Scott Brown for President.com stickers involved. How and where do I post them???
    We are not happy when we heard that Brown was coming here to campaign for that RINO McCain. I am going to tear the bumper sticker off my car tomorrow. I dont want to get shot. There are a lot of people here who are ready for McCain to retire. JD announced today that he is running against him and Sherrif Joe, probably our most prolific vote getter, came out and endorsed him. Dump McCain and the rest of the RINO’s. Go Scott….

  5. This is a very interesting report. It clearly indicates how McCain is a “RINO”. McCain is a “DEMOCRAT” impersonating a Republican. After he jumped in bed with Kennedy after the 2006 election to pass AMNESTY for 21 Million Plus Criminal Illegal Aliens, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back which declared McCain as a true Democrat. Now the count is well over 31 Million Plus today, and McCain still desires to give the Criminal Illegal Aliens Amnesty. You realize what that would do to this country. It’s a Democrat’s dream to have 31 Million Plus Illegals to vote Democrat and keep them in office until hell freezes over.

    Please share this article with all of your friends. It pretty much says it all.

    McCain and Hayworth: Tale of the Tape

    By Randall Hoven

    Who is more conservative — John McCain, or his primary rival, J.D. Hayworth? Hayworth officially announced his candidacy for the Senate on Monday. The Arizona Republic reported that

    McCain has been portraying Hayworth as one of the big-spending Republicans who, during President George W. Bush’s two terms, largely squandered the party’s reputation for fiscal discipline.

    Both men have served in Congress for multiple terms. J.D. Hayworth was in the House of Representatives from 1995 to 2007. Their voting records have been scored. So who is more conservative?

    The most recent online scores from the American Conservative Union are from 2008. In that year, John McCain scored 63 and had a lifetime average of 81.43. (All scores reported here are on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being perfectly conservative according to the scorer.) His lifetime average put him in 32nd place in the 2008 Senate, or in the top 32%.

    J.D. Hayworth’s last full year in Congress was 2006. His 2006 ACU score was 96, his 2005 score was 100, and his lifetime average was 97.56. His lifetime average put him in 16th place in the 2006 House, or in the top 4%.

    Congressmen are also scored by the National Journal. McCain did not have enough votes in either 2007 or 2008 to qualify for a score. In 2006, his composite conservative score was 56.7, putting him in 46th place, or the top 46%. Only nine of 55 Republicans scored lower than McCain, including Arlen Specter, who later joined the Democratic Party, and Lincoln Chafee, who retired from the Senate and endorsed Barack Obama for president. McCain’s economic, social, and foreign scores were 64, 46, and 58, respectively. His economic score was 36th-most conservative, his highest ranking in any category that year.

    The National Journal gave Hayworth a 2006 composite score of 85, putting him in 46th place, or the top 11%. His economic, social, and foreign scores were 80, 94, and 73, respectively. His economic score was 84th-most conservative, or in the top 20%.

    The table below summarizes these standings.


    ACU lifetime score

    NJ 2006 composite score

    NJ economic score

    ACU ranking
    Top 32%
    Top 4%

    NJ ranking
    Top 46%
    Top 11%

    NJ economic ranking
    Top 36%
    Top 20%

    In other comparisons, Hayworth was more conservative than Duncan Hunter in 2006, according to the National Journal. He was more economically conservative than Hunter, Dan Burton, and Mike Pence. He was more conservative on foreign issues than Henry Hyde.

    Here are some of John McCain’s major accomplishments in the Senate.

    He sponsored McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform, much of which has been ruled unconstitutional. Despite the bill’s attempt to limit the influence of moneyed interests in politics, Barack Obama was able to raise three quarters of a billion dollars in his presidential campaign.
    He sponsored the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act, which would have capped CO2 emissions at the 2000 level. It lost in the Senate on a vote of 55-43 in 2003. It was reintroduced in 2005, when it lost on a vote of 60-38.
    He sponsored the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive immigration bill in 2005. The Senate did not vote on it. Its follow-on bill, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, was sponsored by Arlen Specter in 2007 and cosponsored by McCain. It failed to pass committee.
    He voted in favor of the $850-billion TARP bailout one month prior to the 2008 presidential elections and influenced other Republicans to support it.

    Here are some things McCain said in 2008 when he was running for president.

    “I think, frankly, the problem was with a Republican Congress.”
    “Look, I was for tax cuts; I wasn’t for those tax cuts.”
    His complaints about Bush’s policies: “Spending, the conduct of the war in Iraq for years, growth in the size of government, larger than any time since the Great Society, laying a $10-trillion debt on future generations of America, owing $500 billion to China, obviously, failure to both enforce and modernize the [financial] regulatory agencies that were designed for the 1930s and certainly not for the 21st century, failure to address the issue of climate change seriously. Those are just some of them.” He also complained about Bush’s use of signing statements and executive privilege.
    On Obama: “I have to tell you he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared [of] as president of the United States … I admire Senator Obama and his accomplishments.”

    Here are things J. D. Hayworth has said that appear most contradictory to McCain’s stances.

    “The American people likewise want to see enforcement first — no tricks, no triggers, no amnesty, enforcing existing laws and closing loopholes to reaffirm that our great Republic is, in fact, a nation of laws.”
    “The tax relief package enacted in 2001 was central to pulling the economy out of the post 9-11 recession.”

    McCain, the “maverick,” has been in Congress for 28 years, or since winning his first election in 1982. He is no longer fighting the establishment; he is the establishment. He personifies the compromise wing of the Republican Party, which has since become the dominant wing.

    Hayworth represents the 1994 Contract With America Republicans. He first entered Congress in that historic turnaround, the first time Republicans took the majority of the House since 1952. He was voted out in 2006 when the House turned Democrat again on a referendum on Iraq, and the last time the unemployment rate was below 4.5%.

    Iraq now seems to be behind us. And so does an unemployment rate below 9%…no thanks to the 2006 and 2008 elections.

    This Arizona primary election can be put in simple terms. Do Republicans want more compromise with Democrats and “bipartisanship,” or would they rather take the Ronald Reagan approach: We win, they lose?


  6. Is Scott Brown hiding from the Republican Party? If so, why? If not, where does it say Republican in his literature.

  7. The following news can provide Scott Brown with
    an ammunition to unseat and replace the incumbent .
    Two American reporters have discovered and reported an odd “claim” (Ken Layne of Wonkette inWashington, DC and Jason Overdorf of Global Post — the latter after personally interviewing the author) it can well be considered a “scandal” unto itself.

    See the two stories for yourself below:

    Ken Layne of Wonkette: http://wonkette.com/416619/did-indian-writers-secret-book-create-entire-2008-election-and-barack-obama

    Jason Overdorf of Global Post: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/india/101106/obamas-secret

    This story might not be a “scandal” from the perspective of its Indian author, who has called the use of his book by Mr. Obama an “honor,” but it must surely be a scandal from American point of view, and particularly from the perspective of the American media, as the contents of the book appear to have been used by Obama without any authorization from the author.

    Whether it is a mere hypothesis of the author or a fact, who would uncover the truth about it, if not the American press? The author has provided sufficient evidence upon his special website to start and pursue an investigation by the journalists. Please see the link:

    The election might be an old story, but not the fact that a book by a foreign writer made a decisive impact on it through its use by one of the leading candidates. It is, in that respect, “breaking news” yet undiscovered by the American media. Are the American people not entitled to know the truth about it?

    This story, if presented now, will continue to resonate with the American people throughout the 2012 election cycle. It is not a trivial matter that a book altered the equation and the outcome of a US presidential election and nobody knew about it .

    The zealous and persistent journalists in Watergate and Lewinsky scandals ,months and years after the originating events respectively,kept digging deeper and deeper into both of those matters until they hit the rock bottom of the ultimate truth of presidential involvement — with every new revelation making fresh news each time.Isn’t it a matter of reviving that zeal and persistence once again now?

    Bill Burchet
    Email : billburchet@yahoo.com

  8. Now is the time to get for Scott Brown 2016 to start

  9. Now is the time to start the movement for Scott Brown 2016

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