Scott Brown May Present Only Bipartisan Chance To Change Health Care Law

Scott Brown

WASHINGTON — Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) on Tuesday defended his efforts to tinker with health care reform alongside Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass), calling it the one true bipartisan effort to alter President Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

The Oregon Democrat, speaking at an event sponsored by the conservative American Action Forum, repeated his past defense that a provision allowing states to essential opt out of the law (provided that they meet minimum standards) is smart, unobjectionable policy.

“This is the only major bipartisan effort in the United States Senate since the health bill was signed. There is no other, with respect to next steps on health reform, except this,” said Wyden. “We are going to get hit, there is no question, by folks on the ideological extremes of American politics.”

But, he added, “this is the ultimate in a reformer opportunity.”

Under the Wyden-Brown provision, states would be able to be granted a waiver from the national health care law as early as 2014 provided that they can insure minimum standards of coverage. Under the original law, that date was 2017.   Continue…


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  1. I truly wish this nation…it’s people and especially it’s politicians could return to true bi-partisan negotiating before it is too late for us all. What is the point in clinging to any single ideology if in the end the whole thing crashes and burns? Wake up people….wake up Washington!

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