Senator Brown travels to Israel, Jordan

Senator Brown travels to Israel, Jordan

By Matt Viser, Globe Staff   — WASHINGTON – Senator Scott Brown is traveling to the Middle East, embarking on his second trip abroad since being elected seven months ago.

The Massachusetts Republican is going to Israel and Jordan, according to his spokeswoman, and “will be exploring areas where our countries can further collaborate on homeland security issues.” Brown will be meeting with Jordanian and Israeli defense and foreign military leaders, as well as government officials.

The spokeswoman, Gail Gitcho, would not say whether Brown would travel to the West Bank or and Palestinian areas, citing security concerns.

Brown, who is a member of the Senate Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, is traveling with committee staff but he is the only senator on the trip, according to Gitcho.

Brown went to Afghanistan and Pakistan shortly after his election, and in June announced in a speech that he also wanted to travel to Israel. In that speech, he also launched into a strong defense of Israel, which at the time was under widespread criticism for raiding one of six ships that were bound for Gaza, filled with supplies, and attempting to break an Israeli blockade. Nine were killed after Israel commandos stormed aboard.  Continue…


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