Republican Brown outpolls Dems Obama & Kerry in Mass.

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

If this doesn’t set off huge warning bells for the Democratic Party, it should:
Newcomer Republican Senator Scott Brown is more popular in Massachusetts than top Democrats, like Pres. Obama and Sen. John Kerry. We’re talking about Massachusetts here… the liberal bastion of politics where the late Ted Kennedy held his senate seat for nearly five decades.

A new Boston Globe poll shows that 55 percent of Massachusetts residents have a favorable view of Brown, who’s been in Washington for only five months. 18 percent view him unfavorably…

Compare that to Pres. Obama, who gets a 54 percent favorable rating in Mass. And 41 percent unfavorable. Or the state’s other Senator, John Kerry, who has been in the Senate for years – he gets a 52 percent favorable rating… and a 37 percent unfavorable rating.

The poll also shows support for Brown runs deep; with majorities of Republicans and Independents… and a plurality of Democrats – viewing him favorably. Continue…


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