Critical Of President, Sen. Brown Makes First Oval Office Trip

Published June 16, 2010  UPDATED 1:07 PM
Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., questions witnesses during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. (AP)

BOSTON — Ahead of an Oval Office meeting with President Obama Wednesday, Sen. Scott Brown told WBUR he was underwhelmed by the president’s Gulf oil spill address, and that he and many of his Senate colleagues want to see the federal government step up — and speed up — its efforts to contain the spill and revive affected coastline.

They don’t expect him to put on a wetsuit and go down and plug the hole,” Brown said. “People want him to put everybody in a room, come up with the best people in the world to try and solve this problem and then get at it, and there’s been too much delay in this regard.”  – Sen. Scott Brown

Brown was not informed of a precise agenda for the meeting — scheduled at Mr. Obama’s request — but he’s ready to talk about the BP oil spill and related energy issues.

It’s been speculated in Washington that Mr. Obama wants to ask Brown — in person — to support changes to U.S. energy policy, which he alluded to in Tuesday’s speech. Brown has supported the president before — most famously by casting a decisive vote that allowed jobs legislation to move through the Senate.   Continue…


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