Brown, Lieberman Introduce Terrorist Expatriation Act

By Kelly Heffernan-Tabor

This legislation merely fills the gaps so we can do better in protecting our citizens. And as the nature of war changes , as I’ve said, the tactics that we need to use to fight back also need to change.”

Washington, D.C. — Senators Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown introduced a tough new act Thursday that would give the State Department authority to revoke the citizenship of naturalized citizens who affiliate with foreign terrorist groups with the goal of plotting against America.

Lieberman said the bottom line of the legislation they introduced is that those who have joined extremist groups like al Qaeda should not be entitled to the rights and privileges of being a U.S. citizen.

Though the announcement of the proposal comes just days after the arrest of Faisal Shahzad, the man charged with the attempted car bombing in New York City’s Times Square, Lieberman said this legislation was not drafted as a result of his actions. Rather he said it simply updates an existing law created during World War II.

“The bill we’re introducing today, the Terrorist Expatriation Act, simply updates the 1940 law to account for the enemy that we are fighting today. Under the Terrorist expatriation Act the State Department would be able to revoke the citizenship of an American who affiliated with a foreign terrorist organization or who fights against our country.”

Republican Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts echoed that sentiment saying this act isn’t a “knee jerk reaction” to Shahzad’s failed attempt to detonate a bomb in Times Square on Saturday. Shahzad, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin, was arrested on May 3rd trying to flee the country.  Continue…


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