Scott Brown Helps Break Filibuster

Thanks to Republicans Scott Brown, George Voinovich, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe voting with Democrats, the Senate has moved past a GOP filibuster and will hold a final vote on a legislative package to extend unemployment benefits. The 60 to 34 vote puts an end to Tom Coburn’s attempts to prevent the cost of the aid from being added to the deficit. Scott Brown, who helped break another GOP filibuster in February, defended his aisle jump, saying, “I have pledged to do my best to change the tone in Washington and my vote to continue the debate rather than obstruct it serves as a step in that direction.”


One Response

  1. However you slice it or dice it, filibustering is a silly Senate ritual.

    Imagine if we could filibuster each other in daily life, and the absurdity of it comes shining through. This short satire video gives us a peek into that world:

    Filibuster Fever

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