Scott Brown makes the ‘right’ move

By Jay Fitzgerald

Scott Brown MIA POW speech

Sen. Scott Brown speaks during his visit to the MIA/POW Remembrance Day event (Staff photo by Mike George)

Repeal it and replace it with something better… This bill will hurt Massachusetts.”

Sen. Scott Brown is now fully committed to lock-step support of the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” strategy on health-care reform – a move that some observers say may be politically perilous for a GOP senator who got elected with overwhelming support from independents in Massachusetts.

In an interview with the Herald last week, Brown, who campaigned against Democratic plans for a massive health-care overhaul, made clear his intentions moving forward, after historic passage of the $940 billion health-care package along party lines.

“Repeal it and replace it with something better,” said Brown, echoing the new mantra of Republicans. “This bill will hurt Massachusetts.”

Political experts agree it should come as no surprise that he opposed the bill’s companion “reconciliation” changes sought by Democrats. After all, he vowed during the campaign to be the “41st” vote against the Democrats’ health-care overhaul.  Continue…


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