Republicans are easy targets at Southie breakfast

"Cosmo to Congress, posing all the way." BOSTON — The overwhelmingly Democratic Massachusetts political establishment on Sunday targeted two easy foils, Republicans Scott Brown and Charles Baker, during the annual St. Patrick’s Day political roast in South Boston.

Treasurer Timothy Cahill poked at Brown’s past as a nude centerfold model in Cosmopolitan magazine, presenting Gov. Deval Patrick with a blowup of the image — containing Patrick’s head digitally inserted in place of Brown’s.

Brown, who rocked the state and national political worlds in January when he upset Democrat Martha Coakley to win the U.S. Senate seat held by the late Edward M. Kennedy, had his own fun with the picture.

He gave host Jack Hart the same photo, but in this case, it had Hart’s face in place of Brown’s — and a shamrock over the crotch.

Hart, a state senator from Southie, hit both Brown and Baker in his opening monologue. He noted the “rainbow” of people in attendance, most of all the green-wearing Irish. “We also have a Brown — not you, governor,” Hart said, poking at Patrick, the state’s first black chief executive.  Continue…


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