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“Both my fiance and I will proudly put these [ScottBrownForPresident.com bumper stickers] on our cars. 🙂” – Maggy D. , Salisbury, MD

“You are exactly what this country needs.  Go get em!!!”Chris P., Hebron, MD

“Hi!!! I have 10 votes in the recovery room at SJH in Bangor Maine!!!  10 nurses who will take our picture for YOU!”Mary D., Bangor, ME

“Contributed to his campaign for Senate  –  all the way from California!”Terry K., Sonoma, CA


“Thank you for your ‘Peoples seat’ comment!”Gary B., Salisbury, MD

“LOVE THIS!”Margo D., Salisbury, MD

“We really like Scott Brown” Glen C. , Ocean City, MD


“The populous momentum and support for Scott Brown is liberating. He was elected by the most liberal of states, not hand-picked by the party. Scott Brown is the Tea Party candidate for president.” Tom B. , Boston, MA

“Let me be the first to Campaign for Scott Brown for President!”Joseph D., Bronx, NY

“I love Scott Brown!”Janice S. , Salisbury, MD


“Finally!!  The right guy!” Chris G. , Anaheim, CA

“Voted January 19, 2010 and look forward to 2012” Barbara W. , N. Reading, MA

“Congratulations Scott” Stanley F. , Pembroke, ME


“Thanks, they [ScottBrownForPresident.com bumper stickers] will get around Maryland” Ray S. , Forest Hill, MD

“We are so happy to have Scott represent our state.    He seems to be a no nonsense,  honest,  hard working man, comfortable enough to sit down and have a discussion over coffee with.   We know you will one day be in the White House.      Go  Scott   Go!!”Joanne T. , Wallpole, MA


“GO.   Scott.  Go! Donna H. , Billerica, MA

“If Obama can do it, Scott Brown can definitely do it.”Angelo D., Everett, MA


“Love your site.  Keep up the good work. Our family is behind Scott Brown all the way.”Nina C. , Warner Robins, GA

“THANKS  41” Michelle H. , E. Falmouth, MA


3 Responses

  1. Donated to Scott’s Senate campaign from Connecticut. Hey, what the heck, we are a stone’s throw from him and a proud part of New England. Thank GOD he was seated today! I can not wait until November 2, 2010. AMERICA RISING!

  2. AMERICA RISING! What a great comment Sparky, and how fitting for the occasion. I just read a beautiful poem about Scott Brown running for president at http://www.everypoet.net/poetry/blogs/sharon_slaton_howell/scott_brown_for_president in case anyone else wants to read it. Go Scott Go!

  3. “Nope” — still stuck on Sarah but if conservatives can give Obama a heart attack it works for me.

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