Brown meets Menino for breakfast

By Andrew Ryan and John R. Ellement, Globe Staff

(The Boston Globe) Incoming Republican US Senator Scott P. Brown met for breakfast this morning with Mayor Thomas M. Menino at the Parkman House in Boston for their first face-to-face talk since Brown’s upset victory last week.

Brown strode down Beacon Street with a yellow legal pad tucked under his arm as four television cameras documented his every move. Menino met him at the top of the stairs at the Parkman House, which is in the shadow of the Massachusetts State House.

“Good morning, Mr. Mayor,” Brown said, extending his hand.

Menino returned the greeting and told Brown “congratulations” for his victory last week in the special election to fill the US Senate seat vacated by the late Edward M. Kennedy.

Brown and Menino are expected to meet for an hour and have scheduled a joint press conference later this morning.

“I think it’s just about getting to know each other,” said Menino’s spokeswoman, Dot Joyce, who added, “The senator called the mayor on the evening of the election. They had a very nice conversation, so [the meeting] is just a follow up to that conversation.”

Menino supported fellow Democrat Martha Coakley in the election, but Joyce said the mayor now hopes Brown and he will agree to focus on addressing Boston’s needs in Washington.

After breakfast with Menino, Brown will head to Roxbury to meet with African-American ministers and community leaders at the Roxbury Presbyterian Church around noontime.


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