What is a “Scott Brown Republican”?

by: Molly Line

On the campaign trail and during his first press conference reporters have tried to get some insight into what kind of Republican Senator-Elect Scott Brown really is- Liberal? Moderate? Conservative? When questioned he responds:

“I’m a Scott Brown Republican.”

What does that mean?

At a glance, Scott Brown appears to be a political contradiction. He voted for universal healthcare in Massachusetts but pledges to be the 41st vote against the health care reform legislation on Capitol Hill. Coming from a state that has already managed to insure 98% of its residents, Brown believes the best solutions can be found at the state level, not with a “one-size-fits-all” national plan.

On election night Brown thanked the independent majority, saying he’s beholden to no one, and promised to reach across the political aisle in Washington the way he did on Beacon Hill where Democrats outnumber Republicans thirty-five to five.

“I think Scott is someone who puts party aside, who looks at the issue. It’s not a Republican issue, a Democratic issue – if it’s right for the Commonwealth, if it’s right for the country, I think Scott will support it,” says Massachusetts State Senator Steven Baddour, a Democrat who heads the Joint Committee on Transportation.

Baddour says he’s worked with Brown on many issues from tax policy to welfare reform. “The one thing that Scott understands is the business of politics is about relationships. It’s about people trusting in what you’re going to say, it’s about working with not only your party, but the other party, to move an agenda forward.”  More…


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