Obama Says, Bush to blame for Brown election…

by chris w. gather.com

Obama blames Bush for Scott Brown victory

President Obama blames Bush for Scott Brown victory

Demonstrating his utter and total cluelessness, President Obama said this morning, that Republican Scott Brown’s senate election victory in Massachusetts, contrary to widely held public opinion, was NOT a vote against his policies, but rather a protest vote against George Bush.

Obama said, “Scott Brown was elected for the same reasons as I was. People are angry. Not angry about the last  year or two but angry about the last 8 years”.  Really Mr President? You truly believe that to demonstrate their anger at the Bush administration policies, that people thought electing a Republican (who incidentally was constantly said to be “more of the Bush-Cheney policies” and “Brown is in lockstep with Bush-Cheney Republicans”) would send the message no more Republicans? You sure you want to stick with that Barry?

It should come as no surprise that the man child occupying the White House now would blame his latest miserable failure on Bush.  After all nothing is his fault, it’s all because of George W. and the evil Cheney Halliburton Weather/ voting fraud machine. I don’t know how to break this to the Obamabots but your fearless leader is sounding alot like a kid who got caught with a bag of weed in his coat and tries to tell his parents “It’s not mine I was holding it for George…..”

It’s heartening though to hear that he is so completely out of touch with public opinion. Everytime this idiot blames GWB for something another Democrat will lose their seat in the House or the Senate. If he keeps blabbering on like this, the 2010 elections will make the Republican rout during Clinton’s first term look like a ripple in a lake.

No doubt GAPO (the Great And Powerful Obama) will blame the latest higher unemployment rates on Bush as well. He is incapable of admitting he is wrong. That’s fine. We the voters will be delivering a message loud enough to penetrate that thick, dense, denying skull in November AND if it continues he will follow in the footsteps of the president he most emulates; the truly miserable Jimmy Carter as a one term experiment that failed spectacularly. He is, it appears, attempting to take over from Carter as the worst president of modern times and at this point he is well on his way to unseating smilin Jimmy.

These are truly delicious times for Republicans and conservative independents across the nation. The Democrats are scared witless (not alot of wits to lose but still). Obama has proven to be as impotent in helping Democrats hold power as he is internationally. At this point the only thing he appears to be good at is pointing the finger of blame for his many failures at others.

How’s that hope and change working out for ya now?


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