The Brown Future for Democrats

Scott Brown (R) campaigns at the Kenmore Diner in Worcester, Mass., Sunday.

There’s now a smattering of articles, mostly from Democratic strategists/ pundits, laying out a possible future for Obamacare in a Coakleyless senate.  Jonathan Chait weighs in as does Jonathan Cohn.  They suggest that Democrats either, 1.)  Reach out, again, to Olympia Snowe, 2.)  Pass the bill before Brown is seated, 3.)  Have the House pass the already voted upon Senate bill, 4.)  Move to reconciliation.

None of these strategies seem very promising from a Democratic perspective.  They all exist in a seeming vaccuum, where a Scott Brown victory hasn’t affected the political dynamics of voting for Obamacare by one jot.  In reality, the only vacuum will be the tinnitus in the ears of dozens of Democratic lawmakers; the sound of their careers being sucked into a giant blackhole.  More…


2 Responses

  1. Wish I could vote for you tomorrow, but I live in the midwest. Thanks for fighting the good fight – I hope it’s a slam dunk for you! Best of luck.

  2. Scott WILL slam dunk tomorrow!!!

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