1-in-5 Obama voters backs Scott Brown

Visual via Doug Ross.

That the liberal Public Policy Polling poll has Republican Scott Brown up 51%-46% over Democrat Martha Coakley a day before the election surprisingly isn’t the surprise.

Here is the surprise: 20% of the people who voted for Barack Obama 14 months ago are backing Brown.

It is stunning.

The president has no coattails.

25% of the electorate think ACORN will steal the election, including 12% of liberals.

Brown gets 54% of the white vote. Coakley gets 77% of the black vote.

The rest of the poll is pretty much what these polls are all showing. Brown’s supporters are more enthusiastic. That sort of thing.

As to Ted Kennedy, the poll showed 63% approval — but only 47% want his successor to carry on that legacy.

That is not good news for Coakley.

The poll results are here.


One Response

  1. How funny. Obama or not, I’m not a big fan of any politician who throws their constituents under the bus….that is Martha Coakley to a “Tee”.

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