Scott Brown Ahead In Senate Race

Scott Brown takes lead

Scott Brown takes lead

BOSTON ( As the day for the Massachusetts Senate election to fill the vacant seat of late Senator Ted Kennedy, is coming closer, the political scenario of the state is becoming more intense. When a couple of days are left for the election, some sources reported that surveys indicate Republican candidate Scott Brown is ahead in the Senate race. It is quite shocking for the Democrat candidates that their opponent has a little better chance in the election compared to them.

Though some of the recent surveys indicate that Scott Brown is ahead in the Senate race by fifteen votes, the earlier surveys stated that Democrat representative Attorney Martha Coakley as the favorite in the Senate poll. As per the reports, the earlier reports indicated that Attorney Martha Coakley has immense popularity in this region and it will not be a great challenge for her to defeat Scott Brown.

The latest update claims that Scott Brown is ahead of his Democratic rival, Attorney Martha Coakley, in the Massachusetts Senate race, which is quite alarming for the Democratic party. This seat is extremely crucial for them to retain their majority of 60 seats in the Senate and so they would never like to lose this Senate seat. They have adopted several measures to retain the seat that was held by late Senator Ted Kennedy and have never anticipated that survey results before the final election will show that RepublicanScott Brown in a commanding position. Though the reports are quite shocking, none of the parties have made any comment on it.


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